No.10 Women's Balayage Colour (Premium)

Women's Balayage Colour (Premium) by Keira Hookway

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3 hours and 15 minute treatment.

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At No.10 we use a range of leading L'Oréal Professional hair colours to complement or transform to achieve your desired look.

Our premium treatment is valid for customers with long or thick hair, or for those individuals that require 2 or more colours in their hair.

The treatment you can expect will include a freehand colour technique, that gives are a truly blended and natural look, with no harsh lines or obvious regrowth.

As with all colour treatments at No.10 it is followed by a shampoo and conditioner experience using our leading 100% natural shampoo and conditioner products. Post this process a wet cut will be completed by one of our expert hair stylists. 

In addition, you will receive a full finish on your hair including a blow dry, straightening or curls. Our stylists will support this finishing treatment with a range of appropriate products to ensure you look your absolute best when leaving our salon.

Treatment delivered by Keira Hookway.

Please note for all new customers a patch test must be completed at least 48 hours in advance. All No.10 colour treatments include the hair cut and finish within the quoted price.

No.10 and L'Oréal Professional Colours

Image courtesy of L'Oréal Professional.