Sculpted or Tip Acrylic Nail Extensions for hands

Sculpted or Tip Acrylic Nail Extensions for hands

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1 hour and 30 minute treatment for with standard nail polish finish for £35.

2 hours treatment with a gel nail polish finish for £47.50.

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No.10 offer sculpted acrylic nail treatments. Our beauty therapist is fully qualified in a range of nail extension treatments.

Our treatment includes the following stages:

Nail Preparation

The nails are prepared for treatment.

Application of acrylic base

An acrylic based nail is built up and shaped around a form or a tip can be applied applied with glue.  The acrylic is shaped to a specific shape of your choice by our expert. This will keep the nail attached to the finger and the natural nail.

A range of nail lengths and shapes are possible and our expert will consultant with you to ensure the most suitable option for you.

Strengthening the tip

Following the application step, our expert will build up the tip of the nail to the specified shape.

Application of polish

Following the building of the tip, our expert will then apply either a standard nail polish or a gel nail polish. We also offer a french polish option. In order to complete this stage of the treatment, the nail is treated with a base coat, then painted with the relevant nail polish and then finishes with a top coat.

Prices vary according to the nail polish option. French polish options will incur an additional fee and should be added as a separate treatment.

The treatment will be completed in our private beauty treatment room.


If you can't find an appointment online, give us a call on 01837811888 to see if we can offer you another time.