Eyelash Extension Infill Treatment

Eyelash Extension Infill Treatment

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From 20 minute treatment.

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No.10 offer a range of eyelash extension infill treatments, delivered by our qualified assistant manager of beauty.

The treatment includes our expert attaching individual eyelashes in the gaps which naturally form during the two to three week period where the eyelashes shed following an individual eyelash extension treatment

Our infill treatments are only valid and available on those customers who have had their original application of individual eyelashes attached by No.10. In addition, this treatment is only valid and available for customers who have a minimum of 50% of their applied eyelashes remaining. In the event, that a customer has shed more than 50% of their attached eyelashes, they will require a eyelash extension treatment.

Infill treatments are available for customers who have purchased either a half or full set of eyelash extensions.

Prices include the treatment and the individual eyelashes. Prices vary according to the number of individual eyelashes that need replacing.

As per the original eyelash extension treatment, there are a number of options available when selecting the correct eyelashes including the length, effect and texture. Our expert will consultant with you to select the most appropriate eyelashes for your infill treatment ensuring consistency with your original set.

The treatment will be completed in our private beauty treatment room.

Please note: A patch test for the glue utilised in this treatment is required 48 hours in advanced of this treatment.


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