To Book An Appointment

To Book An Appointment

Can't find an appointment? Why not give us a call or email to see what we can do?

In order to book an appointment with No.10 via our website, there are a number of simple steps to complete.

The website functionality allows you both to pay in advance at the time of making your booking or pay later in the salon when your treatment is delivered. In the salon we accept cash, card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

1. Select a date from the 'Date' drop down box.

2. Select a time from the 'Time' drop down box.

Please note:

Our website reflects live availability. If you are looking for a date and time which is not available, our website will not allow this date or time to be booked.

However, in this instance, if you are unable to make one of the other listed available dates and times, please contact the team at No.10 via email or telephone and we will see if alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate your booking. 

3. Once you have selected to book an appointment, please select the 'ADD TO CART' button.

4. This will progress you to a new window. At this stage you can select one of three buttons:

1. 'Checkout' - Allowing you to checkout, confirming your order and select a payment option including paying immediately or later at the salon.

2. 'Apple Pay' - This will allow you to pay for your booking immediately using Apple Pay.

3. 'PayPal' - This will redirect you to the PayPal website to pay for your booking immediately.

5. On selecting the 'Checkout' option, you will then be required to complete your customer information, including:

Email Address

First Name

Last Name

Billing Address (This should be your home address)

Phone Number

Once these fields are completed, please select the 'Continue to payment method' button.

6. You are then presented with your order summary.

At this stage if you have a valid discount code, such as the code for all bookings delivered before the 31st December 2017, please remember to add this to the discount code field labelled 'Discount.'

You are then presented with three payment options:

1. Pay now using Credit or Debit card. This is completed by selecting the 'Credit Card' option. When selecting this option, you will need to complete your card details.

2. Pay now using PayPal. This is completed by selecting the 'PayPal' option. When selecting this option you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.

3. Pay in the salon at a later date. This is completed by selecting the 'Cash on Delivery (COD)' option.

After selecting one of the above options, you then need to select the 'Complete order' button.

7. Your order is now complete and you will receive an immediate notification to your email / SMS (text message) to your phone.


To cancel please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to our standard legal terms and can be found in the footer of each web page.