What's Your Shape?

At No.10 we offer Nail Extensions and Manicures to give you the best looking nails and hands possible. There are many shapes to choose from and here are some of the most popular described and explained by Kristii our fully qualified beautician.

Going by the name, square nails are square to which are flat and straight across the top of the nail. These suit the shorter nail or a narrow nail bed.

This is one of the most popular nail shapes to go for as it is a very natural shape that simply follows the growth of the fingertips by just subtly curving at the edges. People with shorter nails tend to go for this nail shape.

Also known as ballerina shaped nails, these are suited to a longer nail as they taper along the nail edge to then be squared off at the tip to give the finish of a coffin shaped nail. 

To achieve this shape, the nails are filed along the edges giving a slender look, which is then rounded to give a subtle peak tip that isn't as extreme as the stiletto nail.

The squoval nail is the best of both worlds if the square shape is desired but not with the sharp corners, which means they are filed at the edges to result in softened corners.

This is an extreme nail shape; following the basic shape of the almond nail. it just has a much sharper point with a wider base. People tend to have very long nails for this shape to give it the dramatic look.

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